Tania Williams

Gym Wizards was established in 1998 by Tania Williams as a Recreational Gymnastics Programme  for Pre and Primary School Children.  

Gym Wizards bespoke “6 Step Tumbling System” which has been used widely within the schools extra mural system has been widely enjoyed by over 35,000 children in the greater Cape Town area in South Africa..

With the establishment of its dedicated Gymnasium in 2018, Gym Wizards added “NinjaZone” to it’s programme offerings. This brought a combination of mixed martial arts, gymnastics and parkour to the children.

In March 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic, Gym Wizards created “Fitnastix” a fusion of fitness, fundamental movement skills and gymnastics that can be done with minimal equipment from ANYWHERE- at school, at home through Zoom or in a gymnasium or dance studio.

Tania is known as the QUEEN of Training and has been involved in gymnastics for over 45 years – as a (Springbok) gymnast, (Springbok) coach, coach trainer, and gym business owner.

She has trained over 100 coaches and club administrators in business, gymnastics, parkour and fundamental movement skills which of course is the basis for all sports.

She wrote Get Started Teaching Tumbling– her course that gives a Full Professional Certification to Teach beginner Tumbling, fully Accredited by the South African Gymnastics Federation

She wrote the Curriculum for The Kids Gym- a Fitness Gym for Kids.

She created the Business Accelerator Course for Gym Owners wanting to learn to navigate how to earn income running Kids Exercise Businesses here in South Africa.

She is also the creator of this site, Active Kids– an online portal for kids to keep fit and exercise during the Covid-19 pandemic- and BEYOND!

She is the creator of  Fitnasix – a Fitness and Fundamental Skills Curriculum and Licence Programme to support coaches, trainers and teachers who are passionate about keeping kids fit.