FITNASTIX is a fusion of fundamental movement skills, gymnastics and fitness training specially designed for Kids ages 4-12 years. Children do tumbling, free style movement (parkour), skipping, functional fitness, specialized conditioning, movement to music and flexibility training!

Social Skills also form a formal part of the Curriculum!

FITNASTIX provides essential fundamental movements and motor development skills to children.

It covers essential development milestones in the areas of:

  • sensory integration
  • midline crossing
  • core and shoulder stability
  • vestibular system stimulation
  • auditory and visual processing
  • balance
  • motor planning
  • impulse control
  • and much more.

It also gives children a fantastic base of co-ordination, flexibility, posture, rhythm, strength, discipline, agility and fitness.

These Physical Literacy skills- or “ABC’s of movement- prepare kids for a healthy life of movement and exercise.

Not only does our Curriculum provide the physical building blocks- but we are also proud to say that it gives all kids- regardless of level or ability- the social skills and confidence to pursue any sport or exercise programme they wish during their school lives.

And its FUN!

Terms, Lesson Length and Class Sizes
We recommend that children come to class once or twice a week with each session being 45 minutes to an hour (for Pre school) and minimum an hour long (for School age).

At home Zoom classes are all 30 minutes long.

We recommend a child to coach ratio of 1:8 for Preschool and 1:10 for School age. So a group of eight to ten children per teacher.

For Zoom classes, we require that parents participate and assist their children- if they’re under the age of 6 years.

The year is divided up into 4 terms (quarters), each consisting of 8 weeks (sessions).

Progression Based Colour Level System
School age children will progress from level to level (from one colour to the next) when they complete the syllabus requirements. 

We recommend they attend a formal grading as it adds to the excitement and creates an ability to showcase and perform for you, their parents and spectators.

It also adds focus to the lessons ensuring that each child has a goal to work towards.

The progressions are as follows:

Preparation for Colour Levels
Pre Grade R – Age 4-5 yrs
Grade R – Age 5-6 yrs

Children will learn progressions and terminology for skills used in Tumbling and Fitness training including rolling, cartwheeling, basic gross motor skills, jumping, and falling, movement to music and rhythm.

The goal is to develop body coordination, awareness, and listening skills required for Fitnastix Training Level Yellow

Colour Levels (Grade 1 Up)
A progressive level system evaluates and advances children on their skills, fitness and knowledge of social skills as described in the Fitnastix Curriculum.

The levels are defined by the colours as follows:
Level 1: Yellow
Level 2: Blue
Level 3: Red
Level 4: Bronze
Level 5: Silver
Level 6: Gold

As children progress at different rates, it is difficult to predict how long they will take before achieving the outcomes for the colour levels. There are no set age groups per colour level. For example older children may start late and begin at yellow level and younger kids may progress quickly through to Gold level.

Our Promise to Parents

We have a deep understanding of the child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs at each stage of development.

We combine excellent teaching in a safe CHILD SPECIFIC environment with a focus on both scientific and pedagogical methods using the inherent desire of children to move play, interact with peers and express emotions.

We love creating success opportunities for children, which keeps them motivated to continue working on their fitness, strength and basic acrobatic skills.

The Outcome: Stronger, Fitter, Smarter Kids!


  • Our teachers are all Professionally Certified Gymnastics Instructors
  • Our class sizes are small (ratio of 6-10 kids: 1 teacher) allowing for individual attention.
  • Our programmes are varied, embracing elements from tumbling, trampoline, obstacle course racing, parkour, functional fitness, dance, yoga, mixed martial arts, free running and of course, gymnastics.
  • Founder owner Springbok gymnast and coach Tania Williams has rare specialist knowledge and wrote the age and stage appropriate curriculum – a progression based 6 step system enabling all kids to learn at their own pace
  • Our children are kept active and busy because our lessons are FUN and ENGAGING
  • We qualify instructors! Gym Wizards® is a CATHSSETA accredited Training Provider (613/P/000314/2016)
  • We have branches at schools in 4 Venues across the Western Cape, making our classes close and convenient for more kids.
  • We teach both pre-schoolers and primary school children

Our Instructors

Our family of trainers get comprehensive accredited training that provides professional certification & job opportunities while staying current through our ongoing professional development enrichment workshops.

Our Licencees

Our Licencees get ongoing curriculum support, weekly lesson plans, coach training, our brilliant marketing system and a family of like minded individuals to network and connect with.